Once again I have the privilege of announcing a great addition to the ELEVATE crew. I’ve said it before and you’re about to hear it again, we’re all about bringing the right people to the table, and Bill Black is another perfect example.

I’ve known Bill as a friend, adversary, colleague, and all-around stand-up individual for almost ten years. That’s why I know he’s the perfect fit as ELEVATE’s new Director of Business. Sure, he has the sort of professional experience any agency would want – roles in all areas of advertising, marketing and operations management; clients spanning finance, retail, hospitality and more; and critical account management and leadership skills. But more than that, he understands our culture, our passion, our values and the way we and I work (not an easy task).

Here’s the technical mumbo jumbo for what he’ll be doing at ELEVATE: Bill will be responsible for providing strategic leadership and helping manage day-to-day operations for the group. Along with developing new business relationships, he will also provide tactical direction across all client accounts.

What that means is Bill will be digging into projects and delivering results. I’ve seen him engage clients, involve them in the creative process and earn their trust. And I’m excited to watch him build on our recent growth and help take ELEVATE to the next level.

Welcome, Bill – we’re glad you’re here.

Learn more about Bill, his family and his incredible community involvement on twitter @jasperblack.

To read the “official” release –> click here


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  1. Stace out! The dynamic duo is back in effect! Congrats Bill + Elevate!

    Comment → 07.15.10 / Thu @ 1:06 PM

  2. Dave Craig

    Question: How do you elevate Elevate? Mix in Black of course.Congratulations Bill.

    Comment → 07.16.10 / Fri @ 5:00 AM

  3. Frank X. Stier

    An apt description of a true marketing pro. And a keen addition. Congratulations all around. FX

    Comment → 07.16.10 / Fri @ 7:01 AM